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Staying Organized with Mylio

      I admit, I’m not the most organized when it comes to storing my photos. I painstakingly make back-ups which is always time consuming. I’ve tried several other photo storage apps and often got lost in their interface. So when I heard about Mylio last year I thought I’d give it a try. Continue reading Staying Organized with Mylio


Adobe Premier Pro Scratch Disk is Write Protected or Unavailable

Two days and countless hours later I came across a workable solution that in hind sight makes sense when setting up Premiere Pro CS 5.5  and CS 6 with a scratch disk on your Macbook Pro or Apple computer. If the standard route doesn’t work and you’re continually getting a read/write error, you may want to try this . . . Continue reading Adobe Premier Pro Scratch Disk is Write Protected or Unavailable

Switching to Adobe CS5.5

Having been in the market for new video editing software this year, I was waiting to see what Apple would bring to the table with their upgrade from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X. I was also one of the many with high expectations and was ready to purchase. But with all the latest negative feedback from professional video editors (and rightly so), I figured it’s time to look elsewhere.

While I’m far from a “fulltime” video editor, I’ve worked with both Adobe and Apple editing software the past several years and have come full circle back to Adobe Premier Pro. I’m all for pushing the envelope in creativity, developing new rigorous software that not only performs but can be upgraded as technology changes. I admire those that spend hours behind a computer screen coding, but for any software system to work, it has to have a basic strong foundation to build upon, not a substructure of something that might be. It appears Apple wanted to use their current customer market popularity as beta software testers with their Final Cut Pro X release; a common practice which often occurs in the software development industry.

Continue reading Switching to Adobe CS5.5