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One Day on Earth

Last year we took part in a world wide collaborative event called One Day on Earth. This is where those that have signed up to their website go out and film that which they have a passion for.  The best raw footage is then submitted to be included in a documentary. Participants can also include an edited version.

One Day on Earth not only captures the world in motion for one day, it has grown into a large online community. By using the latest technology individuals come together to share their story and to communicate their vision of the the world as it builds and changes around them. This is about different cultures, places, causes and ideas. In this respect One Day on Earth has truly become a global village.

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Sept 2011 Aquatica announces acquisition of Amphibico


After almost a year of silence from Amphibico, a recent press release revealed that Aquatica has acquired Amphibico in an acquisition. This is welcome news for consumers. Amphibico has been offering quality professional and recreational
video housings since 1988.  The merger will guarantee Amphibico’s high quality standards along with their commitment to continued research and development as the underwater video industry moves into the twenty-first century.

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Moon Children Documentary

We are excited to announce that one of our documentaries currently in development has been chosen out of 200 in the first round selection for the prestigious Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grant.

While we can’t tell you more about the documentary at the moment, we can tell you that the Roy W. Dean Grant is one of the most sought after grants by independent film makers.

It’s a big start after two years of planning when other people believe in your story.

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UPDATE: 6-17-2011 We’ve been selected out of 50 to enter the second tier selection.