Take a Tour of Bonaire

Two years ago I was approached by friends who wanted to know if I would like to make a video for them about Bonaire and their car company, Bonaire Rent a Car. At the time I was a little hesitant. More so about other work related issues than being able to handle the job but in the end decided why not. This was something I wanted to create and I’ve never regretted a moment.

We drove all day around the island, setting up several shots, moving to new locations, and stopped for lunch at a small beach restaurant called Kontiki.  A warm caribbean breeze worked in our favor as we criss-crossed the island. I have to admit, I was a slightly nervous earlier that morning when the car drove over my only camera but I new the driver Rob had 20/20 vision and trusted his stunt driving skills. He missed the camera and we got the shot. Then moved on.

A week later I wanted to film some windsurfing action to fit into the piece and arranged to meet Waldo, a friend of ours on a Saturday afternoon out a local hangout called Jibe City. As it sometimes goes when you plan and plan and plan, sometimes nothing works out. So you have to be slightly creative. There was no wind for our shoot.  So we waited. I brought with me a Contour POV, and a homemade housing fashioned out of a cheap plastic flashlight case and duck taped it to the boom. The wind finally came up. Just enough to sail by. While it took several hours to put together the whole set-up I wasn’t sure if I had got the shot until late that evening back at home. I also waded waist deep into Lac Cai to catch some close-ups of Waldo and the other windsurfers. With the resumed easterly winds that filled their sails, I got a couple more seven second shots.

A month later my brother and his family were also on Bonaire for the first time and we went snorkeling out at Washington Slag Bai Park. Once again I got into the water with my camera and housing. As my brother was snorkeling with his face down in the water, preoccupied watching the fish below him, he didn’t see me and almost crashed into me and the camera. It’s moments like these, unrehearsed and unplanned, being in the right place at the right time with the record button on that are the most rewarding to capture.

While there is a plethora of content to watch on the internet and our interest and our selection is constantly changing, at 10,000 + plays later I would never of imagined Take a Tour of Bonaire would garner that many views. Being able to find your video content on the web is a key to its success. And this video would have never gotten this many views without the savvy internet marketing of Clark and Marijke. I can only imagine that they have put in just as many hours marketing the video as I did, arranging, shooting and editing the piece.

Something to keep in mind.

Thanks for watching.


6 thoughts on “Take a Tour of Bonaire”

  1. Michael, after being in the hospital 4 times in the last 7 months, I was going to stop traveling and take Bonaire off my bucket list; after 2 months of recovery and watching your film, it’s back on my list. Great shots and film composition! Hugs/Harry

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