Tripod Aprons

Where I live we get more wind than days of sunshine. Almost. A bit of an exaggeration but we do get a constant easterly trade wind which helps keep the island cool and the mosquitos away. This can also make for very shaky footage and blurry timelapse. A little light weight piece of kit that can save a lot of headache and possibly save a shot is a tripod apron. There are several on the market ranging anywhere from $10 to $35 dollars. Inexpensive. Lightweight. Affordable.

Not only are they useful for setting lenses, caps and other miscellaneous items when shooting in the field, they can also help stabilize even the best built tripods by adding some weights or rocks inside. I was given a very simple cone shaped design with Velcro straps made by Vanguard and use it all the time. Manfrotto also makes one.

For the camerman, photographer, cinematographer, this is one essential item to add to your kit.

Special thanks to Andy Arkin.


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