A Second Look: Behind the Scenes and some thoughts on Lora-From Captivity to Release

On the day of the shoot there was no wind which made the mid-afternoon tropical heat oppressive especially for Dr Sam Williams who had to look right into the sun. The Canon 7D overheated twice on us during the interview. The malfunction though gave us a welcome break from the heat.

The volunteers live in a very basic one room structure in the middle of a kanuku (farm) five kilometers from the nearest paved road. There is no electricity except for a back-up generator. All water and gas for cooking is brought in by four wheel drive.  Living in the bush on the small reserve taking care of rescued and injured parrots has few of the amenities most people are accustom to.

After the interview we moved to the aviary to shoot some of the feeding behavior.  Five parrots decided to use my head as a perch as I was trying to film. Dianna and the staff enjoyed watching as I manipulated the camera while balancing the birds. After several minutes Sam came to the rescue, explaining more about their behavior reassuring the chatting parrots that the camera and the cameraman wasn’t one of them and that everything was alright.

Bruce is one of the parrots recovering from a broken wing.

Sound recorded with the Zoom H4n and Audio Technica AT897. Synced with Plural Eyes.


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