Filming Dahab with the Sony NEX FS100

Michael Zomer from  Kraakhelder Productions recently shot a superb video of Dahab, Egypt using the Sony NEX FS100 and shares his experience with us along with the trials of shooting underwater with an improvised housing. Sometimes it all comes down to using what you’ve got and as Michael shows us, you can create a great cinematic image and story with a little ingenuity.

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Take a Tour of Bonaire

Two years ago I was approached by friends who wanted to know if I would like to make a video for them about Bonaire and their car company, Bonaire Rent a Car. At the time I was a little hesitant. More so about other work related issues than being able to handle the job but in the end decided why not. This was something I wanted to create and I’ve never regretted a moment. Continue reading Take a Tour of Bonaire

Adobe Premier Pro Scratch Disk is Write Protected or Unavailable

Two days and countless hours later I came across a workable solution that in hind sight makes sense when setting up Premiere Pro CS 5.5  and CS 6 with a scratch disk on your Macbook Pro or Apple computer. If the standard route doesn’t work and you’re continually getting a read/write error, you may want to try this . . . Continue reading Adobe Premier Pro Scratch Disk is Write Protected or Unavailable

Tripod Aprons

Where I live we get more wind than days of sunshine. Almost. A bit of an exaggeration but we do get a constant easterly trade wind which helps keep the island cool and the mosquitos away. This can also make for very shaky footage and blurry timelapse. A little light weight piece of kit that can save a lot of headache and possibly save a shot is a tripod apron. There are several on the market ranging anywhere from $10 to $35 dollars. Inexpensive. Lightweight. Affordable. Continue reading Tripod Aprons