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The Language of Light (sampler) from Arcturus Productions on Vimeo. There is an abundance of time-lapse photography found today on the internet and television. It’s a mix of photography and videography with a little technical wizardry thrown in. It all started around 1897 when Georges Méliès‘ used it in his feature film Carrefour De L’Opera. […]

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Video cameras keep getting smaller, lighter and at the same time more powerful with more options and better resolution. The latest addition to this ever-changing market is the GoPro Hero 3. The Hero 3 Black Edition was tried in full sun in shallow water with a white sandy bottom to deep water under a thick […]


I came across this video piece a couple days ago and was struck by the producers originality and creativity. Directed by Max Joseph and produced by Aaron Weber, the video adds a little humor to a serious issue. You can find more information about the Rainforest Alliance here.


Intimidation. Apprehension. Fear. A common response when starting any new project. Twenty years ago I felt the same when I wrote a small guide book to my favorite hiking, biking and skiing trails of Idaho that I mixed with a little local history. I quietly worked away at 4:00 am in the early mornings for […]


Two years after my brother’s death from cancer I’ve learned that time is the master of all disguises. I still have memories of him. I’ve passed the expectation of him showing up to answer a Skype call. I now accept seeing his widow Kathie and the loneliness that often accompanies the loss of a spouse […]

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Michael Zomer from  Kraakhelder Productions recently shot a superb video of Dahab, Egypt using the Sony NEX FS100 and shares his experience with us along with the trials of shooting underwater with an improvised housing. Sometimes it all comes down to using what you’ve got and as Michael shows us, you can create a great cinematic image […]


Two years ago I was approached by friends who wanted to know if I would like to make a video for them about Bonaire and their car company, Bonaire Rent a Car. At the time I was a little hesitant. More so about other work related issues than being able to handle the job but […]


Two days and countless hours later I came across a workable solution that in hind sight makes sense when setting up Premiere Pro CS 5.5  and CS 6 with a scratch disk on your Macbook Pro or Apple computer. If the standard route doesn’t work and you’re continually getting a read/write error, you may want to try this […]

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Where I live we get more wind than days of sunshine. Almost. A bit of an exaggeration but we do get a constant easterly trade wind which helps keep the island cool and the mosquitos away. This can also make for very shaky footage and blurry timelapse. A little light weight piece of kit that […]

Sony NEX FS100

Sylvain, a good friend from Canada flies every year to Bonaire and other than the internet, he is my technology contact to the world. He knows about the latest cameras and housings on the market–how they operate and what they’re made of. We spend hours talking tech . . . and the reality of what […]


As a boy, our family of five would load into an old copper colored Chevy station wagon and head to the mountains on summer Sundays. Below moss covered trees, we hiked along creeks that carved narrow volcanic gorges all the way to the mighty Columbia River. Summers were separated in two. Time in the mountains and time along […]

Arcturus Productions

A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into. ~Ansel Adams A couple days ago I stood along the street in front of a friend’s small business. I hadn’t seen him in several years and asked him how he was doing. “Business is good.” He said with a confident smile. “We’re doing good.” “I […]